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We specialize in quality captive bred ball pythons. Our goal is to make ball pythons the most popular pet snake by supplying helpful information and providing quality animals. Having been one of the first breeders in South Africa to produce ball python morphs we have gained some very useful information for your benefit and enjoyment.

Over the past few years there has been a tremendous amount of interest in this small python species due to the many color and pattern varieties that have been found in the wild. Up to now we’ve only been able to watch in awe as the rest of the world produce these little gems. For the first time you can see for yourself why these animals are so amazing and why people pay vast amounts of money to acquire them. Enjoy your visit and please let us know if we can be of any assistance.

What's hatching?

Listed below are the latest additions to our ball pythons family...


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Clutch Sire Dame
2013_32 Enchi Mojave Bumble Bee
Laid 2013/11/04 Hatched 2014/01/01 Clutch size 5
Notes She was supposed to be paired up with a mystic or a mystic combo male, but she didn't fancy any of them. Still not a bad combination. The best possible would be a Mochi bumble bee, but that is a 1 in 16 snake. I'm holding thumbs.

Clutch Sire Dame
2013_31 Specter Yellow belly
Laid 2013/11/03 Hatched 2013/12/31 Clutch size 8
Notes One of those mysterious combinations. If you breed a specter to a yb, 25% of the babies should be superstripes. So I'm hoping I get 2 out of this clutch.

Clutch Sire Dame
2013_30 Mystic Pastel
Laid 2013/10/31 Hatched 2013/12/28 Clutch size 10
Notes Nice big clutch. 1 out of 4 of the babies should be pastel mystics, so I should get at least 2 in this clutch.

Clutch Sire Dame
2013_29 Firefly Fire
Laid 2013/10/30 Hatched 2013/12/27 Clutch size 7
Notes I've been wanting to make these since the first time I saw a balck-eyed leucistic. The super fires will also have a 50% chance of being pastel as well, but I don't think I'll be able to see that. I'm hoping they have a lot of yellow blotches on them. I should get one.

Clutch Sire Dame
2013_27 Mystic Mojave
Laid 2013/10/26 Hatched 2013/12/23 Clutch size 8
Notes I'm hoping for some mystic potions in this clutch. With this combination, it's a 1 in 4 snake, so I should get 2. Nope only 1, but what a looker.

Clutch Sire Dame
2013_26 Desert Axanthic Spider
Laid 2013/10/26 Hatched 2013/12/23 Clutch size 10
Notes Desert is a amazing gene. I want to breed desert into axanthic (VPI) to see if I can't sort out the problem the females supposedly have. I should get 2 or 3 desert spiders het axanthic, 2 or 3 desert het axanthic, 2 spider het axanthic and 2 het axanthic. 3 Eggs died in this clutch, but I still got 4 desert spiders het axanthic, 2 desert het axanthic and 1 het axanthic.

Clutch Sire Dame
2013_25 Enchi Hypo (Ghost) Het Hypo
Laid 2013/10/25 Hatched 2013/12/22 Clutch size 8
Notes Enchi and ghost was meant to be together. 50% of the babies should be ghost and 50% should be het for ghost. So seeing that enchi is a codom gene... I should get 2 enchi ghosts, 2 ghosts, 2 enchi het ghosts and 2 het ghosts. Awesome!! This little lady thinks she's a full hypo and not just a het. All the babies are full ghosts (4 enchi ghosts and 4 ghosts).

Clutch Sire Dame
2013_24 Glimmer Mojave Glimmer Fire
Laid 2013/10/24 Hatched 2013/12/21 Clutch size 5
Notes Glimmer is a dinker morph I've been working with for the last few years. I'm hoping to see a super glimmer in this clutch. One in four should be a super glimmer (if it is codom). Would have loved a bigger clutch... I'm not really sure what I got. Three of them are easy, 1 glimmer mojave (bottom left), 1 glimmer fire (bottom right) and 1 glimmer (top left). The other two are either glimmer mojave fires or super glimmer mojaves..... I'll have to breed them to find out.

Clutch Sire Dame
2013_23 Leopard Bumble bee
Laid 2013/10/22 Hatched 2013/12/21 Clutch size 7
Notes Freaky... Freaky... Hoping for some more leopard stuff in this clutch. I have a 1 in 8 chance of getting a leopard bumble bee and a 1 in 4 chance for a leopard spider. Not a lot of leopards in this clutch, but I got my leopard bumble bee (middle) and leopard spider (middle left).

Clutch Sire Dame
2013_21 Leucistic (Butter Mojo) Fire Spider
Laid 2013/10/19 Hatched 2013/12/18 Clutch size 6
Notes I'm hoping for some nuclear (fire butter), nuclear spider (fire butter spider), fire mojave and fire mojave spider. Everything will either be mojave or butter so 1 out of 4 should either be a nuclear spider or a mojave fire spider. Not 100% sure about this one. Looks like 3 mojaves, 1 mojave spider (middle), 1 nuclear (top right) and 1 nuclear spider (bottom left). Not sure about the nuclear spider....

On he Couch

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